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As we approach a new school year, we are excited about this new season in all of our kids ministries as we raise up lifelong disciples of Jesus.  It takes a big team of amazing volunteers to make these ministries possible each week and we want to invite you to join our team! If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to serve in Kids ministry for the 2022-23 school year, Go to

 Word of Life Kids offers multiple learning environments for your children based on their age and grade level. Active times of worship, prayer, and age-appropriate curriculum give your children the opportunity to know Jesus and make new friends. Check-in for all services is located in the foyer.

Check-in opens fifteen minutes before service begins. The Word of Life Kids check-in desk is located opposite the main entrance in the foyer.

If it's your first time here, our team of caring volunteers will gather some basic information about your family: names, address, age of your child, etc. You and your child will be given stickers with matching security codes. Place your child’s sticker on his or her back and keep your sticker somewhere safe; you'll need it when picking your child up after service.

A team member will welcome you and your child to his or her classroom. If you packed a diaper bag or backpack for your child, we will place those belongings in a specially marked cubby that coincides with the child's security code. Once your child is safely in the classroom, feel free to grab a drink from our coffee shop and enjoy service.

When service is over, you will return to your child’s classroom and show the volunteer your parent sticker you received at check-in. They will verify the security codes are a match and release your child to your care. 

If you are needed during service, your pager number will appear on a small LED screen located above each of the screens in the sanctuary. Simply come to your child’s classroom and a leader will fill you in.



First Steps - Introducing the Faith: Newborn - 2 yr.
Meets: Sundays at 10AM and Wednesdays at 6:30PM
Location: Classrooms A, B & C

We introduce important principles such as who God is, and the fact that God created us and loves us to your youngest children. 

In our First Steps program, promotion to the next classroom takes place every August or can be based on a child's individual needs.


Next Steps - Introducing the Faith: 3yr. - K
Meets: Sundays at 10AM 
Location: Classrooms D, E, & F

We use an interactive play-to-learn format to allow for both one-on-one connection between children while experiencing a playful presentation of Bible stories and truths centered on Jesus.

In our Next Steps program, promotion to the next classroom takes place every August.


Kids Kamp - Learning the Faith: 1st - 5th
Meets: Sundays at 10 AM
Location: MYC (near the front entrance)

We believe that life with Jesus is the greatest adventure of all and we invite kids to experience adventures with Jesus each Sunday. A typical Sunday opens with free play before service, followed by a large group game, moving then to a time of worship (including a time to recite the Apostles' Creed and the Lord's Prayer) and an exploration of the Big God Story which unpacks our Big Idea for the day. Then we connect God's story with our story - because we believe it's important for kids to understand how their story fits in God's big story. After a time of learning, kids get to engage with their peers in a small group discussion followed up by a monthly memory verse and weekly trivia competition based on the day's lesson. And finally we conclude our time together with our weekly dance party as we go into the rest of our week with the joy of the Lord! 

Promotion to 678, our middle school ministry, takes place every August.

Find out more at 

It takes a lot of people, performing a variety of tasks, to do what we do on a weekly basis. We are thankful for the team of volunteers who enthusiastically give their time and energy to serve the families of Word of Life Church. 

Interested in joining the WOLK team?

Baby Dedication
We dedicate babies during our Sunday morning worship service upon request. If you would like to schedule a Baby Dedication, please contact our Family Pastor at

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