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If God is love then what about wrath? What about the violence in the Old Testament? What about the violence of the cross? What about hell? What about the Book of Revelation? This five-part course answers those questions and covers themes from Brian Zahnd's book Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God. Go to to access this online course for a donation of any amount!


"Deconstruction" is a word used to describe the critical reevaluation of Christianity that so many are passing through. The question is this: Is it still possible to hold on to faith? And the answer is Yes! It really is possible to sustain faith in a secular age. This is what this four-part online course is all about. Go to to access this online course for a donation of any amount!


The primary purpose of prayer is not to get God to do what we think God ought to do, but to be properly formed. Brian Zahnd's Prayer School Online will teach you the practices of liturgical and contemplative prayer to put you in a place where you can experience spiritual formation. Prayer School Online is offered as a live event only. Details regarding our next Prayer School online are at