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Word of Life Church

 Easter Sunday Services - 9AM and 11 AM CT 

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Divorce/Relationship Recovery

Divorce/Relationship Recovery is a 12-week course for those who have gone through a painful break-up.

Bob Johnson has been leading the course for nearly 20 years, helping countless people discover a new perspective on life.

Divorce or a painful relationship break-up is hard, but you are not alone. Our Divorce/Relationship Recovery group is made up of people who understand what you are going through and they want to help.

What to expect

 + Learn to cope with changes brought on by a relationship break-up
 + Renew hope for your future
 + Get your life back on track
 + Break free from the sorrow of isolation
 + Find personal peace in a time of turmoil
 + Learn new strategies to deal with anger, low self-esteem, and grieving
 + Discover a Christ-centered approach to personal recovery from a painful break-up

Topics of discussion

 + Expectations and Dreams
 + Grieving
 + Resolving Anger
 + The Power of Forgiveness
 + Building Self Esteem
 + Letting God
 + Unhealthy Relationships
 + Renewing Friendships
 + The Relationship Cycle
 + Single Parenting
 + Sexuality
 + The Positive Side of Being Single 

Things to Know

This small-group based ministry is open to the public. There is no fee. Course materials will be provided. This ministry meets on an ongoing basis at Word of Life Church. You can join the group at any time.

Rules of the Road

1. Go gentle with each other. Anything that happens to anyone else can happen to you under the right (or wrong) circumstances.

2. No judgment on others' stories. Life is difficult enough without making it more difficult for others. There are no "dumb" questions.

3. Confidentiality. Do not share what anyone says in this group or outside the group.

4. Priority. While you are in the course, give the group meetings priority.

5. Participation. Everyone participates and no one dominates.

6. Openness. Growth comes as we are honest with ourselves and open to new ideas.

7. Avoid getting involved in a new serious relationship until you finish the course. What you learn will help you make good decisions in the future.  

Contact Information

Bob Johnson, Ministry Leader, 816-387-7424
Maureen Power, Facilitator, 816-261-8663

Call for dates and times

We meet at Word of Life Church, Riverside & Cook, St. Joseph, Missouri.