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Helping Your Neighbor

Helping Your Neighbor

"Helping your neighbor" is as simple as being aware of the needs around you and lending a helping hand when you can. 

Need some ideas? Try practicing these simple, yet intentional acts of justice:

> Offer Help to a Single Mom

Consider the single moms you know and what small effort you could make to alleviate some stress in their lives. Maybe offer to watch their kids for an hour so they can run errands. Look for any jobs around their house they may need handyman help with. Leave them an encouraging note complimenting their children or their hard work to support their family.

> Reach Out to Someone

There are people all around you who are lonely. They may be elderly, widowed, or without family. Go out of your way to extend them some warm conversation, asking them to share their story and being a good listener while they do. Offer to share a meal with them, send a handwritten note, or make a quick phone call to let them know you are thinking of them. Holidays often amplify loneliness; remember those in your life who may need a friend.

> Be Generous with Compliments

You've probably experienced what it feels like when someone says something nice to you or compliments you. Even a very simple compliment can brighten your day, and make you feel better about yourself. Try complimenting someone in front of others. That someone might be a co worker, family member, or a complete stranger.

> Talk with a Sales Clerk

When purchasing items in the check-out line, take a moment to speak with the employee or clerk helping you. Ask them how they are doing, or if they have plans for the weekend. If this is a store you often frequent, then you could potentially build a friendship with this clerk. Make an effort to remember previous conversations and pick up where you left off. If you aren't feeling up to conversation, then simply smile and make eye contact, thanking them when you leave.