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Word of Life Church

Our Family Tree: Exploring Christian Denominations

This group will explore the major differences and similarities between the largest church branches: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant/mainline, Evangelical and Pentecostal.

Come discover how we are related in the spiritual family tree. You might be surprised who you are related to. Who knows, you may end up reconnecting with a long lost Christian brother or sister.

Leader: Ross Scholz
Ross has been attending Word of Life since 2003 and has led a number of classes and small groups. While not at church Ross enjoys Doctor Who, heavy metal music, Donald Duck comics, and collecting Greek icons.
Dates: Wednesdays, Beginning October 18 
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Location: Word of Life Church: Solomon’s Porch
Childcare? Yes

This group will be extending into 2018. 

Weekly topics include:

Week 1 Orthodox
Week 2 Roman Catholic
Week 3 Anglican
Week 4 Anabaptist
Week 5 Pentecostals
Week 6 Congregationalist

Part 2 beginning January 3, 2018 
Week 1 Methodist
Week 2 Baptist
Week 3 Adventist
Week 4 Lutherans
Week 5 Calvinist/Presbyterians
Week 6 Church of Christ