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There Is No End To Love

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There Is No End To Love

There Is No End To Love

Series: Finding God on Your iPod 2015

Speaker: Brian Zahnd


Finding God On Your iPod is not an attempt to be cute or clever; I take this sermon series very seriously. I think some of my best sermons in the past seven years have come from Finding God On Your iPod. "Don’t Drink The Water" (2012) and "Ain’t No Reason" (2014) come to mind. Preaching is an intrinsically artistic endeavor. Sermons without artistry are either just lectures or bad sermons. What the Bible calls prophets, we usually think of as poets. Isaiah and Jeremiah, Hosea and Amos, Zechariah and Malachi, and even John the Revelator were what we call poets. The poetic and the prophetic are closely related. And the most visible poets today are music artists. So Finding God On Your iPod is an exploration of prophetic and spiritual themes found in contemporary music; some of it is explicitly Christian, some of it is not. But you can be sure of this: Every song will lead to a sermon that is saturated with gospel message of Jesus. First song for Finding God On Your iPod 2015 is "There Is No End To Love" by U2.