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Word of Life Church

Sunday Service - 10 AM

Sinners In the Hands of a Loving God

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Sinners In the Hands of a Loving God

Speaker: Brian Zahnd


The Gospel of John tells us that "no one has ever seen God until they see Jesus." The revelation of God is given to us in Jesus Christ. And so we must ask ourselves: Does the view of an angry sadistic monster God look like Jesus? Do we see examples of Jesus pouring out vengeful wrath upon people? Of course we don't! And so, we must reject the view of a monster God. Yet people still struggle with the vision of an angry, vindictive God. God's attitude towards you is one of unwavering fatherly love. God knows you and God loves you. God as your father is responsible for you. He is not a neglectful parent. Our Father is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. God doesn't view you as an enemy, but even if he did, he would love you. God is kind!