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Not Abandoned

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Not Abandoned

Not Abandoned

Speaker: Brian Zahnd


What’s Happened To You?

The Call

What's happened to you?
You used to be so shy
You used to hang your head down
You wouldn't look in my eyes
Did you some great vision
Did you finally break through
Did you shake the foundations
What's happened to you?

What's happened to you?
You used to look so tired
Now there's a spring in your step
And your words are on fire
Did you hear some great secret
Did the words ring of truth
Did you rise from the ashes
What's happened to you?

Where the four winds meet
The world is so still
The waves are not pounding
And the hungry are filled
Our shadows have crossed here
Where the sun touched the ground
The gathered are singing
what a beautiful sound
What's happened to you?
You used to be so unkind
You used to curse at this poor world
So what changed your mind
What stirred such compassion
Is a mystery to me
I don't know what's happened
Oh, but I like what I see