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Word of Life Church

Sunday Service - 10 AM



During our time of social distancing, we are offering online space for small group meetings for the whole family. All groups will be meeting on ZOOM, a video chat platform (instructions below). There is a form at the bottom of this page if you need help with setting up ZOOM.



Our three current MIDWEEK small groups will meet online using ZOOM:

 + The Unvarnished Jesus led by Andy Foster
 + Boundaries led by Pam Keefer
 + The Enneagram and Work led by Pastor Derek

These groups have two weeks remaining. If you want to join one of these groups, email Pastor Derek at or call the church office at 816-233-6367.

New MIDWEEK groups on ZOOM are coming in April including:

+ Continuing the Conversation About the Unvarnished Jesus
Beginning April 8 at 6:30PM, Andy Foster is continuing discussions about seeking the unvarnished Jesus. While this is a continuation from his previous group, new people are invited to join the conversation. Sign up by emailing Andy at 

+ We Live in a Political World
Pastor Derek is leading a discussion of Eugene Cho's new book, Thou Shalt Not Be A Jerk: A Christian's Guide to Engaging Politics beginning April 8 at 6:30PM. You don't need to buy the book to participate. Pastor Derek will provide chapter summaries and then lead a discussion about how to practice a kingdom-minded respect and Jesus-centered civility when we talk about politics. Email Pastor Derek at to sign up.

Contemplative Companions Group
Kathy Leach invites you to join the contemplative companions group on ZOOM beginning April 15 at 6:30PM as they explore Thomas Merton's book Writing Yourself Into the Book of Life. They will meet for 8 weeks. The group will read aloud from the voices of Thomas Merton as well as other contemporary contemplative authors, pray, and share their responses to the included guide's questions. The book is available on Amazon. Email Kathy Leach at  to sign-up!   


The Enneagram and Marriage
Join Mardi and Adam Solomon for a marriage small group beginning Tuesday, April 7 from 6:30 - 8:00 PM on ZOOM. Do you ever wish your spouse came with an instruction guide? Or do you wish your spouse would USE an instruction guide? The enneagram is a wonderful tool for learning self awareness and to provide hope as we look at ourselves and each other. This small group will bring to the forefront why we do the things we do and why our spouses don't always understand. Our hope is that through these group times we can share together how to work through difficult circumstances (like being quarantined at home together 24/7) in a more honest and loving way. To sign up, email Mardi at


Enneagram Discussion Group
Join Ali Fowler on ZOOM for a discussion-based small group talking all about the Enneagram, Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 PM beginning April 6. This group is for those who are new to the enneagram and for those who want to go deeper. Ali will be using discussion questions from Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles by Jerome Wagner. Contact Ali at to sign up for this group!


Everyone Is Homeschooling
This is a group dedicated to parents everywhere, because everyone is homeschooling now. Let's get together and share support and advice for doing school at home with your kids. If you are an experienced homeschooling parent - we need you to share your wisdom PLEASE! For more details email our family pastor at .

Join our Facebook group at

Check back for updates on new groups starting soon! If you would like to start a group, contact our discipleship pastor at .



We are taking our weekly small groups for students online through ZOOM! Students grade 6th-12th are welcome to join their peers for a weekly hangout and dive into conversations about life, faith, and god. Groups meet up online Wednesdays at 6:30PM. Head to for details. 



We will have a kids ZOOM hangout on Thursdays from 6-7PM. Kids will get the chance to hangout and talk about life and Jesus. Our kids ministry leaders will be hosting the hangout and leading the conversation. More details at


Using ZOOM is easy!

1. You can use ZOOM on your desktop browser if you have a webcam and microphone set up on your desktop or laptop.

2. You can also use ZOOM on your smartphone. Download “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” from your favorite app store.

3. You will receive an email with a link to your ZOOM small group meeting. Save this email.

4. In preparation to join the ZOOM meeting make sure you are in a place with quick and stable WiFi access to the internet. (If you can stream videos without buffering, then your WiFi connection is quick and stable enough.)

5. At the time of your group, click/tap the link in your email and follow the directions to enter the ZOOM meeting. Click “Open Zoom” when prompted.

Complete this form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

I need help with ZOOM.

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